Dj Booths


We custom design DJ booths that provide the setting you need to take your sets to their own level. A bespoke DJ booth is essential for any event and can be the ultimate way to impress your guests at home. A creative booth not only showcases your style but creates a look that defines you as a DJ or event.

Any feature you can imagine can be incorporated into your booth, including LED lighting, infinity mirrors, light boxes, LED screens, moving parts, show curtains, UV lighting and lettering. For events we can also provide 3D mapping and visuals, and have also built waterfalls and even a fully functional mechanical clock into our DJ booth designs.

DJ booths can either be provided and/or installed as permanent fit-outs or as hire-out pieces. We have 25 ready-to-go themed DJ booths and stages which can be tailored to your event, to provide its own unique look and experience. Purely bespoke designs can be created from concept to completion, based on your own ideas or from plans generated by our team.

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