Creative Christmas Decorators

It’s the season to go all out with festive exhibitions and glittering showcases. We can transform your venue, space, shop or centre into a Winter Wonderland that is a feast for the senses, with dramatic installations and cosy holiday hideaway creations.

Our designs are made with a variety of premium materials, that add texture and depth to bring the display to life. Attention to the finest detail gives the finished look a realism that your guests or customers can become immersed in.

Our service will cover everything you need for the perfect Christmas experience, from concept creation to installation, management and take-down.



Our Catalogue

Be inspired by snow-glazed stages, incandescent displays, frosted archways and dazzling dancefloors. Choose from our wide catalogue of larger-than-life Christmas trees, a complete Santa’s workshop, giant Nutcracker soldiers and glitzy photo opportunities. Discover our Christmas-ready décor, including even a giant Steampunk clock for a statement effect.

Christmas decor can include:

  • Winter House Stage Set | Standing | Size Adjustable
  • Santa’s Grotto Facade | Standing | Height: 5.5m | Length: 9.7m
  • Castle Facade: Snowy | Standing | Size Adjustable
  • Gingerbread House Facade | Standing
  • Santa’s Sleigh | Photo Opportunity | Height: 1.4m | Width: 1.3m | Length: 3m
  • North Pole Express Train Engine | Standing | Height: 2.8m | Width: 3m | Length: 3m
  • Faux Evergreen Christmas Trees: Green, Snowy | Standing | Height: 2m
  • Wooden Gold Christmas Trees | Standing | Height: 2.23m
  • Artificial White Trees | Standing | Height: 3m
  • Faux Evergreen Foliage, Ferns, Dried Fruits
  • Wooden Christmas Tree Cut-Outs: Green, Gold | Canopy Decor
  • Ivy Wreaths | Canopy Decor | Various Sizes
  • Infinity Mirror DJ Booth: Ice Blue
  • Polar Bear  | Standing | Height: 1.85m
  • Reindeer: Gold, Silver | Standing | Height: 1.71m
  • Elf Legs With Present | Standing | Height: 1.5m
  • Santa Legs | Standing
  • Santa Toybox | Standing
  • Penguins | Standing | Various Sizes
  • Snowman: Standing | Height: 1.7m | Width: 90cm
  • Split Head Archway: Ice Blue | Standing
  • Fibre Optic Tassels | Length: 3m
  • Light Boxes: T-O-Y-S | Standing | Height: 45cm | Width: 45cm
  • Light Boxes: Stars | Canopy Decor
  • Light Boxes: Winter Scenes | Canopy Decor
  • Baubles: Silver, Gold, Red, Green, Blue
  • Giant Inflatable Presents: Shiny | Various Colours & Sizes
  • Hanging Snowflakes, Lanterns, Stars, Gingerbread Men, Hot Air Balloons
  • Draping | Canopy | Various Colours & Lengths


& much more!

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Bespoke Setups

We design and build custom-made pieces to complete installations that suit your venue’s exact requirements. Custom designs are developed with 3D renders, which you can adjust at any stage to the perfect look and fit. New decor pieces are then built at our specialised facilities in the U.K.

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