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CO2 Jets

CO2 jets produce powerful bursts of dry ice clouds, creating unforgettable moments above a stage and crowd. Turning a stage into a scene from a movie, they turn liquid CO2 into cascading clouds up to eight metres long.

CO2 jets have versatile applications, and can be placed at different points on a stage for a variety of effects. Positioning jets either side of a stage can allow dry ice clouds to fill the stage area, creating a dense mist for suspense and amazement. CO2 jets positioned at the front of the stage can deliver bursts of excitement directly into the air above the crowd, which increase the impact of key moments in a performance or DJ’s set.

We have a range of handheld CO2 jets available for rent or sale. These are handheld versions of the floor standing CO2 cannons, enabling anyone on the stage to deliver energy-packed moments with their own dry ice jets. This equipment is perfect for DJs, dancers or any other type of performer to use for an added thrill to the show, which is entirely controlled by the user. This stunning, repeatable effect is delivered by the connection of liquid CO2 via flexible high pressure hosing.

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