Jungle / Tropical

Enter our Amazonian jungle… A theme which can be adapted and shaped dependent on your venue size and requirements. A fun, light-hearted theme with a hint of creative chaos, this theme can consist of stage designs, archways, camo, foliage, large inflatable flowers, giant stretch fabric, performers and beyond. We have 4 variations of our jungle theme, so no matter what your vision, we want create that.

Base Jungle: The most traditional of our jungle themes, consisting of realistic camo and foliage to embody your jungle vision in its truest form.

Tropical Jungle: Add some radiance into your jungle with vibrant colours, ceiling transformations, large inflatable flowers and fruits, cut-outs and much more.

Tribal Jungle: Take things tribal with our free standing pyramids, wooden structures and tiki lanterns, allowing a polynesian paradise to be created before your very eyes!

Neon Jungle: Neon strips and UV elements can transform your venue into a tropical rainforest your guests will never forget!

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