We Create The Experience


We have created a colourful circus theme to dramatically bring your event to life. Step into a theatrical world full of its own tricks, and leave your attendees amazed and in awe.

We present the perfect balance of style and substance to transform any space into an emporium of carnival classics. From a traditional travelling carnival to a glamorous Moulin Rouge to an outdoor beach circus, we have themes to draw in any crowd. Adaptable to venues of any shape or size, so let us bring the circus to you!


Our Ready-To-Go Decor

Our existing decor range includes:

  • Circus Entrance Archway | Height: 2.4m | Width: 2.4m | Depth: 48cm
  • Star Archway | Height: 3.8m | Width: 4.2m | Depth: 20cm
  • DJ Booth: Mechanical Clock Design | Height: 1.2m | Width: 2.4m
  • Circus Wayfinder Signage | Standing Decor
  • Circus Draping | Canopy | Various Colours & Fabrics
  • Giant Inflatable Illuminated Spheres | Canopy Decor | Various Colours & Sizes
  • Reflective Spheres | Canopy Decor | Various Colours & Sizes
  • Freak Show Sign | Wall Mounted | Height: 46cm | Width: 66cm
  • Hanging Clocks | Canopy Decor | Various Sizes
  • Playing Cards | Canopy Decor
  • Dice Lightbox | Canopy & Standing Decor | Height: 45cm | Width: 45cm
  • Circus Ticket | Canopy Decor
  • Colourful Hanging Tassels | Canopy | Height: 6m | Width: 6m
  • Colourful Bunting | Canopy Decor
  • Acrobat Ladders | Canopy Decor
  • Umbrellas | Canopy Decor
  • Hot Air Balloons | Canopy Decor | Height: 2m
  • Patterned Inflatable Elephant | Standing Decor | Height: 3m
  • Black & White Elephant Sculpture | Standing Decor | Height: 1.6m | Width: 1.3m | Depth: 1.5m


& much more!

Download our brochure for more information and to discover the full range of our existing decor.


Bespoke Designs

As well as our ready-to-go decor, we can also design and build bespoke pieces for a more specific Circus theme. These bespoke designs can be tailored to the specific dimensions and brand of your event or venue, and we can also take into account any creative ideas that you would like us to incorporate.

You can also incorporate performers at your event. These can be actual circus performers like clowns, acrobats and fire breathers, or they can portray characters from fiction like those seen in The Greatest Showman, Dumbo, or even The Wizard of Oz and its recent prequel Oz the Great and Powerful for a more fantasy-based theme.


Our Design Process

Our service includes a free consultation, from which we create a number of designs for you to choose from. Once your preferred design has been selected, we use a combination of existing decor and bespoke pieces in order to best encapsulate your vision and brand. Each design is rendered in 3D, which gives you the chance to see exactly how it will work in the space and also means that you are able to make any changes you may require at each stage of the design process.

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