We are an organisation of creatives, artisans, builders, thinkers and riggers, and together we possess an array of skill sets which allow us to tailor every aspect of your event. We were formed in 2013 as a sister company to illumiNaughty, an event we have run since 2006. This has given us the knowledge and know-how of how events work and what they need, in order to run efficiently and avoid the headaches that come with production.After expanding quickly across the U.K. demand soon grew for our services across Europe and further a field.

We currently work in Dubai, Ibiza, California, Croatia and Saudi Arabia, with plans to reach new destinations over the upcoming seasons.


Curating an event can be difficult and your time is valuable. From marketing to event logistics to entertainment, your schedule is full. To add to that, the event experience has now become a must. This is where we come in. We will handle all the decor, set design and experiential production of your event. We will transform your event into a place beyond people’s imagination; the space where abstract notion becomes 3rd dimension reality.

In addition, we are fully self sufficient and liaise between all relevant personnel, from venue and production managers to light and sound technicians, to make sure the schedule and logistics run smoothly and effortlessly within your plans.

All of our productions are dipped in imagination, built by artisans, and installed by professional riggers.