Vice Liverpool


The Vice bar/club in Liverpool required a complete interior design, integrating LED lighting technology into the premises for a futuristic urban environment. Taking key elements from movies and contemporary style, it needed to be a fully immersive and original experience, which would let its core customer audience live their real lifestyle. This permanent installation would be the signature of the brand.



The design visualised a new brand of urban electricity, designed, developed and installed by our team as a permanent transformation. Hot neon accents contrast the deep urban atmosphere, through LED light fixtures to the ceiling, walls and bar, bringing together inner city style with the futuristic ‘vice’ character. Vivid slogans in LED neon are featured across the walls and mirrored surfaces to give a statement character, which also become photo opportunities for visitors to share on social media. The main photo backdrops of the premises lets attendees pose on iconic vehicles, illuminated in hot pink, purple and electric blue. Bar branding behind each feature vehicle ensures that all photos will showcase the brand name.



The new bar opened with its signature look, drawing customers in who want to become part of a futuristic urban experience. Images of visitors enjoying the electric atmosphere were shared to new audiences, giving one of the strongest reviews of the establishment. The bar has stood out as one of the key movers in the hospitality industry.


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