Soul Street Zurich


After the huge success of the iconic Soul Street restaurant at the Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai, which opened in 2019, the brand was to expand to a new location in the mountainous region of Switzerland, in the city of Zürich. The original design by the Visual Architects team in Dubai fused traditional art styles from around the world, to represent the street food styles offered by the restaurant. The interior design of the new restaurant in Zürich was to mirror this style, but with a signature atmosphere infused with Latin American, European and Asian cultures.




Our team designed the complete interior of the restaurant, straight from the original concept. New ideas to bring flair to each area were developed through discussions between our designers and the restaurant, from which full 3D renders were created. Each render presented a realistic visualisation of the interior, including colour, details and lighting.

The interior included areas for Latin American, European, Oriental and Indian themes, using a combination of installations, materials, lighting, signage and photo opportunities to achieve an authentic atmosphere for each section. Murals hand painted onto the walls depict traditional arts given a contemporary urban edge with vibrant graffiti effects. Statues representing art from the classical European culture are drenched in neon colours, from hot oranges and purples to vibrant yellows and blues. A life-size Volkswagen vehicle has been refurbished and decorated to become a perfect photo opportunity in the Latin American zone, alongside colourful mural art, street signage and wicker lighting installations.

An outdoor area provided a view of the outstanding Zürich landscape, and offered a unique area to relax in. Train carriages, statues and signage were installed as signature icons of the restaurant.



Diners were able to choose from any area of street food styles, which created a high return value for future visits. With each return to the restaurant, diners could discover new areas, experiences and cuisines. The opening created a large buzz on social media, as new visitors and influencers showed off their lifestyle next to Soul Street branding and with each photo opportunity.


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