Penthouse Five Dubai


The penthouse at the deluxe Five Palm Jumeirah hotel required new styles to maintain its standout identity in the city. Every design was to run over a number of months, as the icon of the Penthouse. This identity was to change in intervals, to ensure that the brand image was always seen as fresh and innovative to its core audience.



Over multiple years, our team has created premier looks for the stunning views of this luxury venue, showcasing themes that include ‘Neon Jungle’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’,  ‘Garden in the Sky’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Pop Art’ and ‘James Bond’.

In addition to working with the hotel to bring to life our designs, we carried out team instruction on-site to ensure that the hotel staff were able to setup and maintain the décor for the season, with full health and safety regulations met.



The result was a penthouse that stood out across the city, showing off the hotel identity and style. Branded photo opportunities provided Instagram-ready moments to take the hotel’s reach across the social networks.