IllumiNaughty, our sister company, is an event that aims to push the creative boundaries of experience, immersion and music, to create an interactive show that develops with each edition. Hosting indoor festivals of 2,000 – 5,000 capacity, and stages at renowned festivals such as Boomtown Fair. Free Earth Festival and One Tribe Festival, this event requires unique and immersive experiences for each and every setup, all of which are distinct but follow from the previous chapter with the same atmosphere and vibe that the audience associates with the brand.



For every show we create a fully immersive stage and set design, which includes bespoke installations, decor, artwork and props to create a truly stunning visual display. A unique concept is created in-line with the event’s story, which is mapped throughout the night with choreographed performances of acrobatic skills and story characters. The planning for these events begins months in advance, to design all 3D renders, sketches and performances, and to fabricate the set installations.

We project manage all events, which includes booking management and liaison of all artists, DJs, performers and other acts. Full event marketing is run by our team, and on the night we co-ordinate on-site event production and stage management. Special effects and interactive installations are also included to transform the party into another world. At present, this event holds 2,000 attendees in the theatrical Troxy venue in London, and is a show which requires every aspect of production to be managed by our team. 

Previous themes have included Gatsby, Tokyo Rising, Electric Dreams, Day of the Dead, Alice in Wonderland and many more, pushing the limits of the immersive event experience. Our team designs a full new theme for each event, with choreographed performance that brings to life the story and character of the party. Combining visuals, decor, set design, performers, characters and lighting, we take the experience from concept to an unforgettable event.



IllumiNaughty has grown from the underground clubbing scene in Manchester to an  international brand which has featured in mainstream nightlife magazines as one of the highlight clubbing experiences in the UK. It has been a part of the ‘Psy Forest’ stage at Boomtown Fair since 2015, hosting the stage with a trance lineup of iconic names from around the world. The immersive visuals and engaging performances have defined the event within the UK nightlife scene, with sold-out shows as a result.