Foreverland is an established UK event tour with a large and dedicated fanbase, which has been built from the statement creativity of the brand. They wanted the Visual Architects team to design a new custom theme which combined elements of our Neon Jungle setup with a new and iconic brand look.



This production took the Neon Jungle theme out of orbit, as the perfect fusion of space age colours and contemporary art. The core elements of jungle foliage and neon light were invaded by spacemen, martians, asteroid rocks and classical statues, which gave Foreverland attendees a first class trip to the brand’s interstellar trademark. A ceiling installation of stretch lycra and suspended neon light brought the theme together into an immersive experience. Cosmic patterns and pink jungle ferns and palms printed across the lycra transformed the interior into the funky atmosphere of a highway space station, which included suspended birds of paradise and hyperspeed neon light shapes across the room.


The fusion of neon elements and classical art across the stage gave Foreverland a hyper-contemporary look. Integrated lighting within the stage decor produced the space-age atmosphere, delivering this high energy statement theme that was perfect for the young Foreverland audience.

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