Electric Woodlands


This iconic UK festival needed a full design transformation for the summer of 2022, including stage design, bespoke installations, canopies, lighting, archways and photo opportunities. The features were to combine and produce an immersive experience into a truly electric environment, as if a spark had landed in the fields.



The festival was illuminated in vivid colour and energy, from a comprehensive series of installations across the stage and festival grounds. A high impact Neo-Tokyo stage was developed from electric blue neon lights in an oriental style, matched with skyscraper light boxes and DJ booth infinity mirrors. 

A separate stage was given a twilight forest setup which glowed from crystal embers and futuristic structures. Neon LED lights were suspended from a deep forest canopy, giving the leaves and vines a new colour dimension. Patterns carved into giant standing crystals gave off a spectrum of light to compliment the intense look of the stage.

A signature photo opportunity let attendees stand in between a larger-than-life split-head installation in the fields, fused together with a metal framework, coloured wires and festival branding. A feature which took on a new identity at night, it was illuminated in purples and blues for spectacular social media photos.

Throughout the festival grounds visitors could find mysterious pyramid structures with elaborate carvings. Each carved pattern produced a vivid light from custom integrated lighting.


The festival lit up with a surge of colour and energy, as the light from each stage blended with each illuminated installation across the grounds. Visitors shared photos and videos of each stage, alongside themselves in the signature split-head photo opportunity, to give the festival significant reach across all of the social networks.

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