Vini Vici – USA


Our Alteza showcase took the four elements across Europe and the United States. In a special collaboration with Alteza Records, two separate designs were created; one for London and for Los Angeles. Both set the stage for the world-renowned DJ group Vini Vici, headlining across both cities as part of their world tour.



Both designs took the events into the deep jungle, with architectural temples and mythical figures standing high for an ethereal atmosphere. Warrior figureheads carved in faux-stone were lit up with fire and 3-D mapped visuals, underneath a dramatic canopy of hanging foliage and vines.

The stage design was matched with Amazonian performers who brought a tribal character to the events. They told the story of the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water through costumes and acrobatic skillsets. Each skill represented their aligned element through fire, aerial, capoeira and contortion displays.

This Amazonian design is an evolving showcase of a tribal storyline. A dramatic look that has transformed the stage at both Troxy in London and a large festival arena at Dreamstate in Los Angeles, it is ideal to immerse any sized stage into this developing theme.




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