A Midsummer Night’s Dream


A Midsummer Night’s Dream is unfolding throughout exotic locations, as the iconic penthouse of the Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel has woken up transformed into a Shakespearan paradise. The winding interior was perfect for creating a complex and mysterious woodland full of stories, from hand painted wall murals of midsummer settings to tall forest trees and overgrown canopies. Each dimension adds another layer of character to the penthouse, with added depth from the artwork, textured structures, lighting and fairytale holograms. A space drenched in colour from rich blues, greens and earthy tones to the highlights of pink flowers, red toadstools and yellow fireflies lets every guest become part of the experience, as they become lost in a truly enchanted forest.

As a Midsummer Night’s Dream arrived in Ibiza for its debut showcase on the island at O Beach Ibiza the outdoor poolside venue lets the theme come alive in its most stunning, bright and vivid imagery, with a lively interpretation of dramatic Shakespearan tales. This setup needed to keep its character from the bright sun to the night, packed with the fun vibes of this party destination at any time of the day. Faux foliage, giant theatre masks, mushrooms, toadstools and flowers let attendees bask in a secret garden during the daytime, which was transformed with lights, neon signs and UV into an enchanted woodland at night. Greens, blues, pinks, earthy tones and yellow fireflies let each guest become lost in this truly magic experience.


The construction of each fitted element began at our premises in Manchester, UK, where the base structures of classical columns, mushrooms, crescent moons, toadstools, trees and photo opportunities were developed into pieces which could easily be transported to Dubai, where they would be assembled and painted on-site. Artists from around the world were brought to the penthouse, where they hand-painted murals of forest scenes, enchanted trees, fairies, fireflies and flowers directly onto the walls in a rich tapestry of colours. Golden finishes of trees would be applied after assembly within the hotel, to ensure a premium finish without any damage occurring during transport. Faux foliage, the canopy, lighting and signage were then set up around the installations, to achieve the most atmospheric experience for guests. 3D Holofans provided animated LED dragonflies to add the final touches of magic to the forest canopy.


This theme truly becomes part of your premises, with bespoke mural artwork infused into the walls, pillars and doorways. Scenes of moonlit forests and enchanted characters are hand painted across walls, with a deep and rich colour palette of blues, turquoise and greens highlighted with golden fireflies and red toadstools. The concept was developed together by multiple artists, who each brought a unique aspect of the story, landscape and detail of the theme into an artistic design. Fairies, butterflies, glowing orbs, waterfalls and fairytale creatures stand out from the scenic background, which is intricately painted with fine leaves and bark detail. The final effect from the mural was truly immersive, and gave the interior a new and in-depth dimension.


Upon opening, guests would be transported into another world of fairytales, enchantment and the ideas of Shakespeare. His tales are brought to life through the imagery and imagination of our artists and the penthouse guests, as they enter the setting underneath a quote from a Midsummer Night’s Dream. The Five Palm Jumeirah penthouse logo is given an image of its own, with a crescent moon, clouds, mushrooms, foliage and a mural, for dramatic photo opportunities to be taken with its branding. Neon signs light up the penthouse logo and other photo opportunities, with slogans that capture the theme and moment, including ‘to the moon and back’, and ‘once upon a time’. Small details from small birds to delicate flowers, ornate gilded metalwork frames, bird houses, hanging ornaments and fairies let the world become real and fascinating. The giant theatre masks are animated throughout the night, with 3D projection mapping of forest branches, fireflies, prismatic patterns and the hotel logo, to give movement to the theme. Lightboxes of yellow, green, blue and white light shine through fragments in golden trees, alongside underlighting of trees, soft canopy lighting and fairy lights of fireflies throughout the canopy to give the illusion of true magic in the area. Wall murals are lit up to capture UV reflective elements within the paint, which let the artwork glow in the evening and let the characters of Shakespeare come to life within the building.