Paradise Lost


Our sister company ‘IllumiNaughty’ was about to hold another special collaboration with Alteza Records, with which an iconic stage concept was designed. It was to represent the free spirited, powerful and positive nature of the music brought out by the label, which was being sent across the world. The Visual Architects team drew up 3D renders for a stage incorporating tribal, jungle and apocalyptic elements, to be the figurehead trademark of the upcoming event.



An entirely bespoke stage design went into production prior to the event, utilising 7 axis robotic machinery to create towering stage sculptures of faux stone columns and fossil relics. The highly detailed nature of these productions allowed them to be mapped in high-impact 3D visuals, planned and engineered by Global Illumination. Carved features of stone faces were lined with animated and multicoloured LED lighting strips, to develop the futuristic and apocalyptic nature of the design.

Performers recruited from our extensive database brought the design to life with wild and rugged interpretations of the theme, depicting the challenges of living in Paradise Lost with a display of acrobatic and fire wielding skills. Interacting with the audience throughout the event, they ensured that the attendees felt as if they were part of this theme.

The atmosphere of Paradise Lost was enhanced with special effects, including handheld co2 cannons, confetti cannons, sparks, co2 bursts and a bubble machine, which highlighted key moments of the artists’ performances and the event.



The event drew in a large number of attendees, who were attracted by the theme and dressed as if they were part of the story. The event generated a large number of positive reviews and feedback following the night, during which the largest purchase of early bird tickets for the following event was seen. This stage made an impression as an original design with a powerful character.


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