Neon Jungle

We Create The Experience

An experience where technology is fused with one of our most popular themes; the deep Amazon jungle. With a new trend in motion towards cyber style, we have merged the atmosphere of the underground with the soul of the jungle, to take attendees on an entirely new experience. We go a step further to bring immersion to a new level, with neon effects that animate the jungle into an electric paradise.


Our Ready-To-Go Decor

Structures from neon light strips are created for walkways and focal points, with a signature neon-triangle walkway for a statement entrance. Include creative neon lights in shapes and slogans that represent your brand, for dramatic photo opportunities that will spread your message across social media. A ceiling canopy can be created from vibrant lycra and suspended acrylic foliage and banana leaves, which glow under UV light. Neon effect paint is used for wall mural artwork which brings jungle fauna and flora out into the space.


Bespoke Designs

We can also create a unique Neon Jungle theme by developing bespoke pieces to suit your brand and venue, as well as any creative ideas that you would like us to incorporate. Deluxe foliage and neon effects can transform your premises into a deep city jungle experience, with a backdrop of unique art from street and graffiti artists.


Our Design Process

After a free consultation, you will be able to choose between a number of possible designs that are tailored towards your specifications and budget, using existing decor, bespoke pieces, or a combination of both. We develop custom designs with 3D renders, allowing you to freely adjust the style or scale at any stage of the design process. After the design is finalised, any bespoke pieces are made at our on-site facilities in the U.K., after which your decor is delivered, installed and managed for its duration.


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