Miami theme

Let your event become the hottest destination, with a Miami theme of beach vibes and sunset dreams. The iconic architecture of the city re-imagines your premises and brand into the ultimate getaway that becomes an experience. Bold archways, elegant palms, neon lights and bright pastel shades of pink and turquoise create the lifestyle that your guests dream about.


Signature photo opportunities let your guests capture their Miami experience with your brand logo in every shot. Let them join in a rooftop garden or pool party with fun and interactive photo backdrops, with elegant palms, deluxe faux foliage, seating and props. A walk-in ball pit lets them take action shots with inflatable flamingos, lifeguard rings and neon signs.


Miami Nightclub

Discover the wild side of Miami, with a nightclub design that creates an electric atmosphere. The signature Miami architecture lights up the venue from the entrance to the stage, and lets guests explore a vibrant paradise ready to make waves. An entrance of oval archways can be lit in multicoloured LED light, to give an animated passageway to draw guests inside. Custom photo opportunities let your guests pose under colourful parasols, on doughnut swings, next to giant melted ice creams, and any other icon of a Miami party. The stage delivers a stunning display of classic Miami architecture, lit up with the dramatic lighting of a boulevard casino or hotel.


Miami Beach Club

Let your guests dive into the Miami experience with an authentic beach club theme. Perfectly suited for outdoor areas, it brings the party atmosphere of this southern city with an adapted stage, photo opportunities, canopies, props and seating. The architectural design and oversized structures provide the iconic stage that our Miami theme is famous for, which can be situated near pools or a beach for the most vibrant dancefloor.

How to star in your own Miami Vice getaway. An 80s aesthetic of sun-kissed streets and Floridian beaches provides the perfect opportunity for a photo heist. Backdrops saturated in pink and gold frame central features of a car or speedboat, fabricated from premium fibreglass. Visitors can pose with the getaway props, showing off their notorious side as they celebrate with faux cash pouring out of loot bag props. Let them drive off into the sunset with a true Miami Vice theme.


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