Retreat to the ultimate sanctuary of Bohemian beaches and hazy sunsets. A theme that allows you to drift across the Nevada dunes to a serene hideaway. Calming and uplifting, our White Boho décor will transform your event into a fantasy, perfect for any indoor or outdoor area. Be immersed in desert feathers, macramé tapestries and gemstone designs across hidden walkways and decorative suites, behind light draping designed from the softest deluxe fabric.



These elements and more can be adapted to suit any and all features of your event, from large constructions made from natural materials with earthy tones to smaller pieces displaying vintage patterns that decorate the space.

Our existing decor range includes:

  • Decorative Boho Archway Large | Height: 3m | Width: 3m | Depth: 1.56m
  • Decorative Boho Archway Small | Height: 2.4m | Width: 2.4m | Depth: 1.2m
  • Boho Rainbow Archway | Height: 3m | Width: 6m
  • Butterfly Archway | Photo Opportunity | Height: 2.4m | Width: 2.4m | Depth: 2.4m
  • Buddha Head Sculpture | Standing Decor | Height: 90cm | Width: 90cm | Depth: 50cm
  • Pyramid Wooden Lightbox | Canopy Decor | Height: 60cm | Width: 30cm
  • Tall Pyramid Wooden Lightbox | Standing Decor | Height: 2m | Width: 1.25m
  • Hanging Beige Macrame Tapestries | Canopy & Wall Decor | Various Sizes
  • Hanging White Macrame Tassels | Canopy Decor | Various Sizes
  • White Dreamcatcher | Canopy & Wall Decor
  • Wicker Basket | Standing Decor | Various Sizes
  • Palm Tree | Standing Decor | Height: 2m or 3m
  • DJ Booth: Stained Glass Silver | Height: 4m | Width: 8m
  • DJ Booth: Stella Star | Height: 4m | Width: 6m
  • Wooden Stella Boho Seating | Height: 3m | Width: 6m
  • Carved Wooden Boho Facade | Photo Opportunity
  • Diamond Sculptures | Standing Decor


& much more!

Intricately carved archways can act as the perfect entrance, with macramé wall and ceiling installations hanging down for additional emphasis on the Bohemian theme; similarly, the use of a marquee containing foliage and specially designed decorations can supply your guests with a cosy and rustic atmosphere during any celebration; and to complete the look we also have bespoke furniture available, including an illuminated DJ booth.



The décor layout is planned to your exact specifications, and can be as dramatic or as subtle as you wish. We have ready-to-go décor available, or alternatively we can create bespoke pieces tailored to fit your requirements and ideas.



We offer a free consultation in order to understand your ideal Bohemian vision, from which we create a number of initial designs. Once you have chosen your preferred design, we provide 3D renderings so that you can see exactly how it looks in the space; this gives you the chance to make any desired changes at each stage of the design process. Our service also includes installation.


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