Our team was to design a set for a Superdrug expo, as a showcase for their main promotions. The challenge was to create features which represented the brand ideology and qualities of the products, with a natural yet glossy, high-fashion look.



Combining fashion icons with high-texture natural materials such as foliage, created imagery to highlight product features with forward-thinking presentation. With a strong emphasis on shape and the fusion of nature and beauty technology, we ensured that all brand elements were incorporated and displayed at the forefront.

Neon signs and displays were blended into deluxe foliage, which provided transitional walkways that took attendees through the product journey. Statement art installations were designed to create focus on natural elements, with larger-than-life hairstyle sculptures fabricated with foliage to define the look. Each installation was to represent each facet of the product identity which attendees could discover.



The result was a showcase that took attendees through an experience to leave them engaged and connected with the brand, which highlighted a fusion of product qualities.