Soul Street – Dubai


In July 2019, the interior of the new Soul Street restaurant required a bespoke permanent fit-out. This restaurant, located in the standout luxury ‘Five Jumeirah Village’ hotel in Dubai, was to represent five unique cultures of street food from around the world, with a different section of the interior to show a different cultural identity. The hotel has a reputation as one of Dubai’s most deluxe vacation destinations, for which the design needed a character that would make its mark in the thriving metropolis of the city. The challenge was to embody the heart and soul of the street food styles represented within the restaurant. which was to become a signature feature of the hotel.



A combination of murals, hand-built installations and iconic features were designed to represent each culinary style that could be found in the restaurant. Bringing dynamic artists from around Europe, the entire process was to last for approximately 6 months from concept to completion, and express the culture of South America, Europe, East-Asia, India and the Middle East.

Features and installations were created in Manchester and sent across to Dubai to be centrepieces of the restaurant. This included refurbished bodywork from a 1950’s Cadillac, which was designed and developed in the UK before becoming a highlight of the European ‘street’ of the restaurant. The murals display a fusion of street art, calligraphy and pop-art that blend seamlessly into one another, creating an immersive environment for food connoisseurs. Our team sourced a variety of materials to develop character, depth, texture and realism within the décor, to bring the restaurant and its streets to life. Flowers and foliage are draped across the Asian district, with interactive features and photo opportunities on every street.



The result was Soul Street opening as the go-to place for after-work drinks, lavish bites and real soul food, along with being dubbed as one of the most Instagram-ready spots in Dubai. Gourmet chefs and foodies alike were in their element, as speciality dishes are served across the cultural locales of the restaurant, accompanied by show-stopping performances during peak hours. The opening of Soul Street has been widely publicised across the travel and corporate sector, featuring in Timeout, ‘’ and ‘What’s On’, with the décor and atmosphere designed by our team placed in the spotlight. It has also been listed as ‘one of the 20 most beautiful restaurants in Dubai’. The restaurant was included in the Luvya Festival held at the Five Jumeirah Village hotel in December 2019, with Craig David among the headliners.