Shamanic Tales – Astrix & FM Booking


Our team designed this fully custom stage for the unique ‘Shamanic Tales’ theme, as the next edition of decor for our sister event ‘IllumiNaughty’ at Troxy in London. We needed to develop a strongly visual stage that would hold the attention of an audience throughout the night, and become a setting for which the Shamanic Tales story would evolve and come to life, backing some of the biggest DJ names in trance, including Astrix, Juno Reactor, Out of Orbit and Static Movement.


A stage concept designed between Visual Architects and Global Illumination, two main tree structures were developed to enhance the scale of the stage with dynamic 3D mapping, and work with the grade-2 listed features of the building. The high ceiling of Troxy enabled a high-reaching lycra design from the tree structures, connected to a lycra canopy of strong neon colours. Hanging elements from the canopy created immersion into a neon jungle theme, with acrylic leaves, dragonfly wings and tribal shapes, alongside suspended neon lights. Two giant inflatable spheres framed each side of the stage, which brought to life incredible scenes of light with 3D mapping effects. A projection above each DJ showcased complex and vivid visual patterns to bring the stage design together, and exhibit each DJ name. Performers created an electric atmosphere with aerial silk acts, aerial hoop, fire and a unique suspended aerial dancer. Performances ran frequently throughout the event, to tell the story of the Shamanic Tales and give the audience incredible displays to thrill them over the night.

An entrance walkway was installed within the venue, to provide the ultimate transition into the Shamanic Tales experience, as visitors explored overgrown faux foliage and vines shaped with green and yellow neon light. Meet and greet performers entertained the attendees on entry, and exhibited tribal costumes of feathers, gemstones and decorated hair.


The theme took over the stage at this sold out event. The visuals mapped across the trees, DJ booth and backing screen fused together in a display that drove the energy of the crowd, which was captured in the official photos and aftermovies. The reception and reviews after the event highlighted how powerfully the visuals and sonics combined over the night, with the majority of attendees purchasing tickets for the next event, even during Shamanic Tales. The colourful and dramatic stage, performers and entrance walkway were given wide social media reach by fans sharing their memories from the night.