Scarecity 2.0


After the sold-out shows of the pilot ‘Scare City’ drive-in cinema in 2020 by Park N Party, the second edition in 2021 needed to bring back the mayhem with an experience that would surpass the first adventure. This chapter needed to give attendees a new journey through their favourite Halloween movies with drive-through installations, performers, characters and all-encompassing atmosphere.


Our team of experienced planners mapped out the cinema complex, from entry points to the far-reaching carpark and cinema screen. Advanced laser mapping technology drew up precise maps for our designers to work with, and to lay down each area of installations, props, signs, lighting, performance areas and the notorious entryway tunnel. We worked with Park N Party to bring to life a vision that expanded the theme from the previous year, adapting the plans throughout the design process to include each new idea.

Abandoned cars, broken subway trains and a deranged Winnebago created scenes of a full scale to be believed in, alongside iconic installations from the films on show, including the unforgettable ‘Route 66’ garage. Every corner was detailed with props, eerie artwork and sculptures of lost souls, snake heads, candles and skeletons surrounded by dry brambles.

The performers truly brought the experience to un-life, who sauntered through vehicles and interacted directly with each visitor, whether they were inside their vehicle or dared to venture out. The cinema screen was surrounded with sinister decor and foliage with integrated lighting, to offer a frightening experience that guests could not get enough of.

Performers became frightening shadows of their former selves, as they were transformed into zombies, werewolves, vampires and denizens of the undead. Costumes crafted by expert designers gave an eerily realistic character to every performer, to let attendees wonder if they were truly in a Halloween movie. Parked vehicles became in danger of being haunted by the lost souls that wandered throughout the cinema complex, with even bigger jump scares for those brave enough to exit their car.


The concept took the more industrial version of the previous Scare City into an eerie and dark woodland environment, developing the isolated atmosphere found in many Halloween movies. The new props and atmosphere let attendees become immersed in an entirely new story of their own this year. The 2021 Scare City came back in its most devious form yet, letting hordes of visitors drive through the creepiest complex of installations straight from their favourite scary movies.