Neon Jungle – Penthouse Dubai


The goal was to transform the penthouse of the luxury FIve Palm Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai into a design that lead the season, in one of the world’s most advanced cities. This experience needed to bring new elements of shape, lighting and a sense of immersion into an original theme that could stand alone.


The Project

The theme was to fuse our new technology with one of our most popular themes; the deep Amazon jungle. With a new trend in motion towards cyber style, we merged the atmosphere of a futuristic underground with the soul of the jungle, to take attendees on an entirely new experience. Neon lights highlighted walkways and focal points, including shapes and slogans that represented the penthouse. Exotic wildlife was hand painted into murals that were infused with neon to animate the setting. With this project, we went a step further to bring immersion to a new level, with a light rainforest scent throughout the area to give an identity to this new reality.


The Result

The Neon Jungle created a new standard for events, with an experiential design that brought together next-generation visuals with extra sensory features. The new lighting and immersive decor techniques ensured that the penthouse of the Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel maintained its reputation as being one of the most forward-moving in style and experience.