Kendal Calling


Kendal Calling is a figurehead festival of the UK summer, which hosts a selection of the biggest music acts from across the world. To date they had run multiple stages across their venue with large crowds, but which were in need of an experience and brand signature. The objective of our team was to create original concepts to transform nine areas and stages of the festival.



Each of nine areas were transformed from traditional stages to iconic themed experiences. Each design gave its respective area a unique character, from a retro disco circus to the shores of Miami.


Miami Stage:

A full stage and DJ booth facade which gives visions of sunset boulevards. Palm tree lined metropolitan buildings become electric with multi-coloured LED lights, inviting attendees into a beachside festival.


Jungle Stage:

The full interior of this tent was transformed into the deep jungle, with a full foliage canopy of rainforest leaves, vines and dramatic tropical flowers. Large inflatables added powerful accents of colour, which together covered a large-scale tent ceiling.


Alice Stage:

The Alice theme has been re-imagined once again, underneath a high-impact canopy of lycra patterns and hanging flowers, mushrooms, spirals, clocks, keys, playing cards and characters. A custom made stage clock was accompanied with visual projections of scenes from the Alice story and creative animations.


Tiki Area:

Bright tribal structures brought the soul of the jungle to Kendal Calling, with a Tiki area of colourful masks, totem poles and tribal deities. Bespoke patterns matched natural materials for both a fun and authentic experience.


Additional areas were transformed into a steampunk cinema, a lost eden and a travelling circus, alongside interactive installations throughout the grounds. Festival lettering, 




The weekend ran as an outstanding success, as stages packed with attendees became experiences connected to the festival and music. Festival-goers explored each new environment, which enhanced the performance from the stage as a unified production. Attendees shared their experiences via multiple photo opportunities which were situated around the festival, and let Kendal Calling become one of the highlight events of the UK summer.

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