I Saw it First X Olivia


The June 2021 clothing collection by Olivia Attwood was brought together in a special collaboration with beauty icon ‘I Saw It First’. For the launch, the campaign required a custom made range of photo opportunities which showcased the individual style of the range, to compliment and work with the sleek and chic image of both icons.


The Project

Our range of backdrops were developed to provide the ultimate fashion accessory for the new range. A fresh look with branded pieces represented this new summer collection between two fashion industry giants. New backdrops were designed and developed to give her range the podium that worked with each aspect of the brand. Our signature hot pink Barbie Box was re-imagined with a window-display concept, to let Olivia pose with a range of accessories as if ready to be snatched off the shelves. Our blossom walkway with floral hanging elements elegantly draped around her catwalk moves, all in pastel pink to compliment part of her collection. A true walk-in dollhouse was created in a neutral, pastel blue and miniature features, to work with elements of her range that would perfectly be suited to a relaxed setting.


The Results

The campaign built up excitement prior to the launch with sneek previews of the collection worn by Olivia within the photo opportunities. On the launch day, the campaign received widespread social reach within just a few hours of the release. The audience of Olivia and I Saw It First had been waiting for the launch, which was given icon-status by the creative looks and showcase.

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