Boomtown Fair


One of the main electronic music stages, the ‘Psy Forest’ stage at Boomtown Fair has required a unique transformation from our team every year since 2015, from a scenic woodland area into a variety of tribal dance arenas. Each year, a new incarnation of the Boomtown style and character is needed for the ultimate escape under an electric canopy.



A main canopy centres the dancefloor, fabricated from creations such as a lycra vortex to a technicolour forest roof. The dimensions of the main stage are inspired from nature and designed to fuse woodland with technology for a truly stunning experience. The setting is completed with fire performers and stage dancers to bring the arena into character and become a renowned part of the Boomtown city.



Every year Boomtown attendees flock to the Psy Forest stage, to become immersed in the unique blend of tribal nature and technology offered by the stage, the dancefloor and its artists. Incorporating colour into geometric designs highlights the vibrant style of the music while fusing with the natural woodland style of the arena.





See the Boomtown Official website for more information