Adidas – The Mason Collective


The Mason Collective threw a launch event at the Brickworks club alongside Adidas and Footasylum, to be the face of the national campaign for the new Yung-96 trainer. The task was to design the interior of the club, to show the campaign as fresh, on-trend and innovative.



Our team designed imagery, décor and interactive installations around the iconic look. The theme concept brought the event back to the 90’s rave culture with a distinct Hacienda feel and neon twist, with immersive design features to give an underground vibe. Punters could discover a Vauxhall Nova parked In the middle of the venue, an ice cream van, a 90’s themed bedroom covered in rave posters and a Nintendo 64 playing on retro monitors.



The result was a launch party that drove reach across social media to spread awareness of the new trainer, and created a signature look to define the campaign. For more information about the event , please check here