BESPOKE BUILDS - This stage is undertaken after the Design stage. Once the theme framework is finalised, it is sent to our construction team, who start to build new bespoke pieces according to your designs. Custom made pieces are brought to reality on specialised production equipment at our on-site facilities in the UK. Our 7-axis robot carves out structures to precision, with seven rotational axes for full movement and construction of complex features. CNC equipment prints out detailed pieces from any type of material to exact design plans, which are incorporated into themes as intricate attributes, signs, standing props and hanging elements. Lighting features such as neon signs are formed into your slogans and shapes, ready to be installed into your decor.

READY-MADE DECOR - If your design is primarily from our ready-made catalogue, we assemble your items into their own unique configuration. Some parts may be adjusted or amended depending on your own look, to give the setting the atmosphere that suits your brand. This is the quicker and more cost-effective way to create a theme within your space.