Wild West

We Create The Experience

Go beyond the frontier to a lawless world of cowboy pioneers and swinging saloon doors. The wild and unruly American plains draw in notorious outlaws and dangerous madams, to give your event a Western style of the movies. Perfect for any event, this theme is wanted across the town.


Our Ready-To-Go Decor

With an authentic finish across a custom-made saloon, this distant outpost comes together with rusted showlights, life-size cacti, wagons, saddles, barrels, faux cattle horns and spare wheels, to drive your event or space out to the Wild West.

Ceiling items across any indoor or outdoor canopy bring out the Wild West character and add a fun element. These can include wagon wheels, revolvers, additional lighting, sheriff badges, cowboy hats and any other set pieces that you want to use. Bespoke items can be made to your ideas and requirements at our custom facilities.

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Bespoke Designs

We can also create a unique Wild West theme for you by designing and building bespoke pieces to suit the specific dimensions and brand of your event or venue, as well as any creative ideas that you would like us to incorporate.

You also have the option of including performers at your event to portray your favourite Wild West icons, such as Billy the Kid, Annie Oakley and Jesse James, or characters from fiction like those seen in The Magnificent Seven and The Wild Bunch.


Our Design Process

Our service includes a free consultation, from which we create multiple designs for you to choose from. Each design is rendered in 3D; this means you can see exactly how it will work in the space and make any changes to the design at each stage of the process.



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