Tree of Life

We Create The Experience

The Tree of Life evokes stories from powerful wild spirits, transforming them into the vivid energy of a stage show. A unique concept designed with experts in the field of 3D mapping technology, it combines ancient tribal structures with precise and evolving visuals, to create a neon rainforest paradise. A look with an ethereal atmosphere and its own unique story, it provides any medium to large stage with a presence that captures the attention of all attendees throughout the event. With mystical tree structures and technicolour canopy, it is a fully immersive experience which will give your event a new vision.



Our Ready To Go Decor

We have a range of decor available for immediate installation, which can be hired piece by piece for anything from a complete setup to to atmospheric elements. The main themed pieces include two tree structures, with a shamanic face facade. Both trees are white, to enable 3D mapped visuals to bring up vivid colours and patterns across the entire structures, reaching out across the branches. Stretch lycra can be installed to extend from the tops of the trees, in vibrant oranges, greens and yellows, to show the mystical power emerging from within them. This can also be positioned to extend from or across any other structures within the premises, according to the layout. A tree root DJ booth or centrepiece is finished in white to enable 3D mapping.

Decor details can be suspended from the ceiling installation or lycra or another material such as foliage. Brightly coloured dragonflies, dragonfly wings and tribal patterns are formed from green, yellow, orange, pink and purple acrylics, which light up vividly under UV lights. Neon lights are shaped into circles, squares and triangles, and glow in a range of blue, green and pink light. Suspended from a ceiling installation alongside the acrylics, they create a mesmerizing display of light that lets the experience truly come alive. An entrance walkway can be installed within the venue, outside, or as a more simple archway. The walkway provides the ultimate transition into the Mystical Tales experience, as visitors explore overgrown faux foliage and vines shaped with green and yellow neon light.

Download our brochure here for more information and to discover the full range of our existing decor.

Bespoke Designs

We can create bespoke pieces tailored to your specific event and venue. Custom pieces including standing elements, sculptures, additional tree installations, foliage features and lighting installations can be developed from a concept to a reality for your premises. Additional features and detail to the trees can be developed, such as ancient hanging lights, gemstones, orbs and magical elements, which can be positioned across the tree branches.

It is also possible to include performers at your event to tell the story of the Mystical Tales, including aerial silks, aerial hoop, fire, meet and greet and even a unique and mesmerizing hair suspension dance.