Pop Art

We Create The Experience

Fresh from Dubai, this brand new look is ready to bring a hot and striking style to your event, and set it apart from the rest.

With interactive features and an eclectic mix of retro art, re-imagine the Pop Art culture for an Instagram-ready twist to your event. Make a statement with this bright and bold look, perfect for Spring and Summer.

A look that premiered at the luxury Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai, this is a signature design of vivid colours, comic strip creatives and silver-screen stars that can transform any space into a style icon.


Our Ready-To-Go Decor

Choose from a wide range of our existing decor, which includes many pop art staples, such as wall and ceiling installations that display comic book images and geometric shapes in bright, vivid colours, as well as colourful mannequins and oversized cassette tapes. We also have large standalone installations in the pop art style, ideal for photo opportunities. All of our ready-to-go decor pieces are available for immediate installation and can be ordered either as a set or individually, depending on your specific requirements. 

Download our brochure for more information and to discover the full range of our existing decor.


Bespoke Designs

As well as our ready-to-go decor, we can also supply bespoke pieces tailored specifically to the dimensions and brand of your event or venue, as well as incorporating any particular pop art styles that you prefer. Previous bespoke designs include an archway entrance in the shape of a comic book sound effect bubble, a DJ booth in the style of a cassette tape player, large inflatable lips, and a lifesize Barbie window box for unique photo opportunities. 


Our Design Process

Our service includes a free consultation, from which we create multiple designs for you to choose from. Each design is rendered in 3D; this gives you the chance to see exactly how it will work in the space and means you are able to make any changes you require at each stage of the design process.


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