Sugar Rush


Give your audience the ultimate sugar rush… Our brand new theme is ready to transform your event into a larger-than-life landscape of surreal treats and tricks. Change the perspective with a pure daydream of candy cane trees and candyfloss clouds, and let your guests escape into an irresistible adventure. Colourful installations, immersive tunnels, melting archways and creative photo opportunities can all be incorporated into this theme for a truly tempting experience.




All of our Sugar Rush decor is fully customisable and designed uniquely for your event or space, which we develop and install into any indoor or outdoor venue. We have developed durable sculptures on our 7 axis robot which are available for hire and can be incorporated into a unique look for your event. Giant up-turned ice creams, a melting gobstopper on a hand, intertwined life-size figurines, candy canes, cupcakes, candy swirls, archways covered in melting ice cream and authentic faux stone columns provide everything you need for an immersive sugar rush. Alternatively, use a combination of pieces for a subtle or fun effect. LED screens can be positioned behind the columns for a spectacular visual impact. All of these elements are ready to go, and be installed at your premises with a unique layout and look.


We can also produce fully custom additions to the Sugar Rush theme by developing bespoke pieces to suit your brand and venue, as well as any creative ideas that you would like us to incorporate. Our 7 axis robot can fabricate new sculptures that bring to life any vision that you have, or from a new concept designed by our team.



After a free consultation, you will be able to choose between a number of possible designs that are tailored towards your specifications and budget, using existing decor, bespoke pieces, or a combination of both. We develop custom designs with 3D renders, allowing you to freely adjust the style or scale at any stage of the design process. After the design is finalised, any bespoke pieces are made at our on-site facilities in the U.K., after which your decor is delivered, installed and managed for its duration.

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