James Bond

We Create The Experience

Take your attendees into the Secret Service, and allow them to be the stars in their own debonair action movie. Enter through a Broadway-style archway to a world of casino lights and on-set performance. This ultimate cinema theme transforms the venue into a red carpet showcase, with alluring silhouettes and casino dice setting the stage.

The perfect theme for an event that wants glitz, glamour and a true theatrical style. Suitable for indoor or outdoor events, this décor can be tailored to your venue dimensions.


Our Ready-To-Go Decor

You can choose from our wide range of ready-to-go decor, which includes LED dice, vintage movie cameras, life-size silhouettes, and a variety of wall and ceiling hangings such as guns, playing cards, casino chips, and film reels.

All of this is available for immediate installation and can be ordered either as a set or individually, depending on the specific requirements of your event or venue. We can also take into account any creative ideas that you would like us to incorporate.

Download our brochure for more information and to discover the full range of our existing decor.


Bespoke Designs

We are also able to design bespoke pieces with the specific dimensions and brand of your event or venue in mind. Previous bespoke pieces include an entranceway in the style of the iconic gun barrel, as well as an illuminated military intelligence computer screen, a light-up helicopter pad and a move-inspired photo booth. 

It is also possible to include performers at your event to portray iconic M16 agents and notorious villans.


Our Design Process

After a free consultation, you will be able to choose between multiple designs that are devised with your specifications in mind. We can use existing decor, bespoke pieces, or a combination of both, in order to bring your Bond-style night of glitz and glamour together. We develop our custom designs with 3D renders, meaning not only can you see how everything will work in the space in advance, but you can also freely adjust the style or scale at any stage of the design process.

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