Alice in Wonderland

We Create The Experience

Fall down the rabbit hole and step into the peculiar world of Alice in Wonderland. 

This theme incorporates a larger-than-life style that emphasises the surreal and boggles the mind, giving attendees the feeling that they are in a world that is much larger than they are. The setup is adjustable to your event and can be tailored to your venue size; we can create a mini Wonderland in an underground club or cover an 8 room warehouse… The possibilities are endless!

You can leave everything to us, from concept to installation.

Our decor is designed and created at our in-house facilities from only premium materials, to give detail and realism to all of our themes. 

Whether an event or a business, large or small, we identify the elements to create the look that best supports your brand – altering the style to be as subtle or dramatic as you wish.


Our Ready-To-Go Decor

We have a wide range of existing decor available for immediate installation, and items can also be hired piece by piece depending on your preference. Our ready-to-go decor includes custom life size playing cards, a ceiling of falling clocks, vortex swirl stage design, life size flowers and mushrooms, LED driven mirror stage and mystical trees that challenge your perspective. These elements all work together to transport your event into the world of Alice.


Download our brochure for more information and to discover the full range of our existing decor. 



Bespoke Designs

As a very popular theme, we create many bespoke pieces tailored to specific events and venues. Previous bespoke designs include keyhole entrances, uniquely framed LED screens and ceiling transformations which involve large illuminated flowers, floating clocks, and life size playing cards arranged in the shape of a chandelier. 

It is also possible to include performers at your event to portray your favourite residents of Wonderland, such as the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, and Alice herself. 


Our Design Process

Our design process includes a free consultation, from which we create multiple designs tailored to the specific requirements of your event or venue for you to choose from. Existing props and structures can be incorporated as you wish, or we can create a completely bespoke setup for you.

Each design is rendered in 3D, to allow you to see exactly how it will work in the space, to make any amendments as we progress. As we keep you briefed throughout the process, you have the option to make changes to the design at each stage.



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