Robotic and advanced production technology

New Artillery

Our artillery delivers a revolutionary approach to construction, with a fusion of the latest digital technology and technical innovation. With advanced industry we can fabricate complex designs as creative as you can imagine them, from robotic, 3D printing, laser and vacuum moulding machinery. We produce installations, features, prototypes and models with the flexibility of limitless customisation and intricacy. Our machines are connected to 3D rendering software, which delivers precise and cost-effective results from CAD designs down to the finest detail.

 7-Axis Robotic Arm

We bring cutting edge technology to develop visionary styles for your brand. Our 7-axis Kuka uses advanced robotic sculpting technology to turn any idea into a reality. Whether you have a design or need a new concept, we can build your sculptures, décor, prototypes, models, art or other installations to an unparalleled level of precision. Robotic production allows faster turnaround times, higher efficiency and limitless customisation!

VR Design 

Introducing the new space for project teamwork, our new virtual reality equipment brings together all collaborators to experience design concepts from a first person perspective. For the first time ever, we will be able to visualise design installations and settings at a human scale prior to construction, which allows the customisation and adaption to perfectly fit your needs.

AR Video Mapping

This advanced projection technology will transform elements of your space with new concepts and custom effects, using Augmented Reality mapping. We can transform structures with widely varying dimensions and textures, which can create new masterpieces from sculptures, building facades or even suspended objects. By mapping different sections of each structure, patterned visuals can truly transform and bring a setting to life. 

Imaging Scanner

Our surveys of every site are tuned to unparalleled precision with the most advanced Lidar imaging system. Integrated 3D laser spherical scanning and thermal imaging allows us to generate surveys of any indoor or outdoor space with the accuracy of innovative point cloud technology, that defines an area like never before. All 3D renders based on our ultra high definition surveys allow for the most effective project delivery with accuracy, cost-efficiency and visualisation.


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