Restaurant Design

We design bespoke interiors and experiences for restaurants, which fuse with your brand identity to create an unforgettable atmosphere for your customers. We design and install your setting with cutting-edge 3D render and robotic production technology, to offer you fully integrated interior and exterior fabrications that deliver effortless style and connect you with your customers.

We work with you to understand your space, your brand and your target audience, to create a theme and layout that adds depth, dimension and a realism that brings it to life. We take you through each step with expertise and flexibility, to ensure that your premises bring to life your vision, and deliver the results that you require.



Our experienced team works with you to understand your ideas and market, and to find the best solutions for your premises. 3D schematics are rendered for a full visualisation of the design, which you can adjust at any stage to change features or ideas. This bespoke design is then created at our specialised on-site facilities in the U.K., which is then installed to blend seamlessly with your current facilities.


We add character and dimension to all types of restaurants, incorporating design, decor and lighting to use your space to its fullest potential.

Our décor is custom made from a variety of materials to add texture, animation and engagement. We use everything from wood to acrylics, metals, resins and premium draping or deluxe faux foliage.

Our designs can incorporate street, elegant, Bohemian, retro, futuristic, creative or natural styles. We develop new concepts around your ideas and brand.



Our on-site facilities in the U.K. are equipped with specialised machinery run by experts in the field of design. Our new 6 axis robot allows us to make any design a reality with perfection. Laser-cutting technology ensures that all production is defined with precision, and our CNC routing equipment creates elaborate designs derived from any material down to the finest detail. Premium materials are used create a high-gloss finish and durable installation with minimal maintenance.



Our design at the deluxe Soul Street restaurant at Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai, represented the culture of five different cuisine types from around the world. Diners can select a section of the restaurant to become immersed in each locale, with hand painted wall murals, high-street installations and iconic features, including a 1950’s cadillac.

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