Festival Installations

Festival season is one of the biggest, busiest and best periods in the décor calendar and here at Visual Architects, we have spent over 10 years producing world-class décor for festivals across the globe. From fully immersive stage designs, to subtle hints of décor… From main stages, to chill out areas; we’ve done it all!

Attention to detail is key, we will work alongside you to build an idyllic stage/dj booth/lighting design that will gather the crowds.

We have a vast array of archways, ariel inflatables, ceiling transformations, props and more, so no matter if its summer or winter, your stage is indoors or outdoors; we have something for you! If your stage has a theme, we can custom create to your preferences or you can choose from our wide range of pre-built products. Get in touch and explore how we can transform your festival.


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