Costume Creations and Story Board

Bring your characters to life with costumes tailored to your imagination. We draw up sketches based on your ideas, and transform them into luxurious garments or exotic attire, with attention down to the finest detail.

We also create storyboards and scripts that can be used for the visualisation of narratives. These present stories or information in a linear progression that is ideal for creating performances, animations, productions, proposals, videos, comics or processes.

Storyboards are created through 3 main steps:

  1. Visualisation 
    1. This is done through an overall plan with a linear progression. This can be created digitally to allow for adjustments to be made easily and efficiently. 3D visualisation can be created in some cases to assist the view and positioning for video production.
  2. Timing and Focus
    1. Define the timing parameters of frame progression, and where focus is drawn to across each frame.
  3. Define Technical Parameters
    1. This includes the motion, camera position, lighting and sound engineering.

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