Carving Services

Statue Design, Sculptures And Modern Art

We take your vision and transform it into a reality, with advanced robotic carving technology. Whether you have a design or need a new concept, we can build your sculptures, décor, prototypes, models, art or other installations to an unparalleled level of precision.

We shape any material into designs exactly as they have been rendered in 3D, with 6 axis robotic equipment, and then provide premium finishing touches with hand craftsmanship. Our specialised facilities in the UK provide the basis for all national and international construction.



Our Equipment

Fabricating an object with full flexibility and control from 6 rotational axes not only enables limitless customisation, it also allows designs of greater intricacy. The extra axes provide the robot with the ability to keep its arm perpendicular to the material surface on multiple planes. This allows the construction of models with overhangs which would not be feasible with other types of machines. Designs that would otherwise need to mould separate pieces together can here be created as a single structure.


Our Process

Our experienced team works with you to understand your ideas and what you want to achieve, and to find the best solutions for you. 3D schematics are rendered for a full visualisation of the design, which you can adjust at any stage to change features or ideas. This bespoke design is then created at our specialised on-site facilities in the U.K., which can then be delivered to or installed at your premises.

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