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We have a range of distinct themes that can transform any hotel room into a uniquely stylised getaway for your guests. Providing an atmosphere that immerses your guests into a particular theme will give your hotel an extra exclusivity and also offer rare photo opportunities, all of which is sure to guarantee a wide social media reach.

Our original themes can transport your guests anywhere from the Serengeti to Hollywood, and we can even take them back to Medieval times. Let our brochure inspire you as you discover our range of themes, from the foliage and macrame wicker of our Welcome to the Jungle theme to the stylish Art Deco theme with its geometrical shapes and gold on black colour scheme.

Each transformation is unique and delivered to your own concept or one we create. We develop a range of initial designs to choose from, then design and build bespoke pieces specifically tailored to the size and brand of your hotel and any requirements or ideas you may have. Depending on the dimensions of your premises, these can include archways, lighting, ceiling transformations, draping, props and photo opportunities. Our service includes 3D renderings for added customisation throughout the design process.


Welcome to the Jungle

For our Welcome to the Jungle theme, we use a colour scheme of greens and browns to give your guests the sense of journeying deep into the jungle. The walls and ceiling are covered in foliage of varying shades of green, and the brown furniture is made from wood and wicker. We also have macrame wicker lamp shades that hang from the ceiling and large neon leaves, perfect for adding to the ambience.


Serengeti Safari

With a colour scheme that contrasts a brilliant pure white, as well as the occasional gold highlight, against reds and browns, our Serengeti Safari theme will make your guests feel as if they are safarying on the plains of Eastern Africa. The furniture is wood and wicker, including macrame wicker lamp shades that hang from the ceiling, and the large canopy bed is complete with translucent white drapes that are reminiscent of mosquito nets. 


Hollywood Regency

Give your guests the taste of extravagance with our Hollywood Regency theme. The colour scheme includes purples, greens and golds, as well as the contrasting combination of white and black; these colours, along with the pastel palette of the bed and the palm leaves on the walls, all come together to give the sense of driving down Sunset Boulevard in the 1950s.   



Our Dalíance theme emphasises the wonderful within the weird by using unusual designs and patterns in an effective way. The colour scheme is blue and white, accented by red for a stylish contrast. The zigzag pattern of the floor and the eye-shaped pattern on the ceiling make for another interesting contrast; and to complete the look, we have curved blue furniture, a red sofa shaped like lips, and wacky pictures to hang on the walls. 


Fit for a Princess

Perfect for weddings and sweet 16 celebrations, our Fit for a Princess theme will give your guests a storybook experience they will never forget. With a colour scheme of white and silver accented with pink, this theme is both elegant and graceful. The main feature is a large cornice bed that is indeed fit for a princess; and depending on the size of the room, we can also add an exquisite carriage that looks straight out of a fairytale. 


A Night in the Castle

The colour scheme for this theme relies heavily on browns and reds. The wooden floor, faux-brick wall and large canopy bed with red velvet drapes will take your guests back to the time of knights and legends and make them feel like royalty. A Night in the Castle makes an ideal companion to our Fit for a Princess theme, and utilizing both can give couples a fairytale wedding experience. 



With our Voyeur theme, we use a luxurious yet minimalist style to give your guests the sense of being an experienced and affluent traveller. The colour scheme uses white and browns, with a hint of purple, for subtle but classic dignity. The decor includes a neon ‘No Vacancy’ sign, fine art pieces, and a mirrored ceiling installation above the canopy bed. 



Send your guests to the mountaintop with our Alpine theme, which uses wooden textures and a colour scheme of brown, cream and white to encapsulate the sense of staying in a cabin high up in the North American Rocky Mountains. Log head wall installations, a fur rug, an antler-shaped chandelier and an ornamental ski lift seat help enhance the experience by making it feel more authentic.  


Art Deco

The distinctive Art Deco style of the 1920s and ‘30s is the focus for this theme. We make use of a black, gold and white colour scheme along with a sharp-edged, linear appearance. The main feature of this style is the intricate gold geometrical patterns set against black which decorate the walls.The furniture is also black and gold, square and simplistic.

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