The goal was to transform a large and wide-open car park area into an immersive, unforgettable Halloween experience at a drive-in cinema. This event, ScareCity, was to run over October and required an interactive atmosphere that would draw in crowds and generate a huge buzz on social media.


We designed an experience that would bring attendees into the show, and make them feel as if they were part of the movie. On entry, the drive through the ‘Tunnel of Doom’ chills and bewitches the attendee, as they travel through a foreboding corridor construction inclusive of burnt walls, chainsawed windows, warning messages and trapped souls. Custom installations sprawl across the site, as visitors are introduced to the terrifying performers, lost spirits and the Grim Reaper himself that patrol the cars.

As attendees drive through the site, they encounter upturned taxis, dreadful clowns, burnt-out cars and a blood stained Winnebago, brought into character with heinous props. If they can make it past the Ghoul Graveyard of open caskets, skeletons and tombstones, they eventually reach the haunted car park, where the denizens of each movie come to un-life to stagger eerily through cars, jump-scare windows and chase those venturing outside of their vehicle.


The result was a hit with attendees and online influencers, with early videos of the event going viral on social media – a reach of 3 million views and 50,000 shares on Facebook. Many days in October sold out within the first week of opening, resulting in additional opening days added to November.