After the decor has been constructed and selected from our warehouse, it is transported to your location before the running time of the event or display. We install in all areas and countries, from the UK to around the world. Once the decor has been delivered, our team set up all standing props, backdrops, stage decor, canopies, hanging elements, archways, entrances and photo opportunities. All logistics including packing, transport and the hire of specialised rigging equipment is organised by our team, who ensure that the setup process is completed according to health and safety regulations.


These types of installations can require just rigging, or be inclusive of specialised staff and materials. All decor is transported to your premises, and installed by our team of expert riggers. The full process is overseen by a project manager, who ensures that all decor has arrived in perfect condition. Any custom artwork is hand painted on-site, which can include wall murals and structures already on the premises. Additional lighting may be integrated into the design, including up-lighting, festoon lights, fibre optics, neon signs and lanterns.

Permanent Interior Design

Permanent interior design requires a full installation period of up to multiple weeks, depending on the size of the project. This can include a renovation of either a part of or full renovation of the premises, inclusive of installations, wall and ceiling fixtures, lighting, artwork and furniture. All projects are quality checked throughout the process to ensure that all features arrive and are installed in perfect condition, to deliver the award-winning results we have produced.