TEMPORARY INSTALLATIONS - After the decor has been constructed and selected from our warehouse, it is transported to your location before the running time of the event or display. We install in all areas and countries, from the UK to California and the Far East. Once the decor has been delivered, our team set up all standing props, backdrops, stage decor, canopies, hanging elements, archways, entrances and photo opportunities. All logistics including packing, transport and the hire of specialised rigging equipment is organised by our team, who ensure that the setup process is completed according to health and safety regulations.

PERMANENT OR SEMI-PERMANENT INSTALLATIONS - These types of installations, including permanent interior design, may require a specialised team and materials. Mural artwork is hand painted onto walls and structures, which may require an extended period of time relative to a temporary installation. Lighting may be integrated into a permanent setup, as part of the atmosphere and theme, and require additional planning and installation time.