Inflatable art dates back to the 1800’s so for centuries we have been finding countless ways of using the air-filled forms to create mesmerising installations.

Inflatable installations have the power to transform a space and create a dynamic focal point which is why they are becoming more and more popular in the festival and club scene. Inflatables seem to have entered a more mainstream market and the art form is being rediscovered by many around the world.

At Visual Architects we specialise in transforming venues for events and have rediscovered the art of inflatables. As we work in a variety of different venues from huge outdoor festivals to small private functions inflatables are perfect as they can be installed anywhere and can fit into any space. We have hundreds of unique pieces including aerial inflatables and 3D structures which are secured to the floor.

In todays society people are expecting more from an event than just a DJ on a stage.

The wonders of the digital age have created a thirst for more and it is becoming harder to impress an audience as they don?€?t just want to hear the music they want to see a show and feel the music through the atmosphere of a venue. Inflatable décor is so simple but creates an impressive and eye-catching feature to accentuate any venue and even control a space.

Our inflatable event decor is becoming more and more popular with particular pieces becoming favourites at specific events. We have an inflatable which mimics the strands of Medusas serpent hair and was recently used as decor at Elixir at Brixton Electric in London. The event brought in a huge crowd as it featured sets from John 00 Fleming and Astrix. The inflatables were suspended in the air dangling above them creating a striking spectacle just like the mythological Greek snake
queen herself. To add more drama to the venue we added the Jellyfish installations, similar to the Medusas these inflatables dangle from the ceiling but have tentacles which sway to create the illusion of being underwater.

The Clouds are a regular choice as they create the illusion of heaven on earth inside a venue as they float through the air bringing the outside inside. These Inflatables create dream worlds and teamed with lighting enhance an event to make a venue unrecognisable. The Clouds are a frequent choice of decor for Illuminaughty’s Halloween events and have been used across many festivals including Sunrise Celebration Festival.

One of our signature pieces is the evil Circus Clown. The statement piece has proved a popular choice at Cirque du Sol. The LED eyes create a freaky atmosphere and as it is so large using it in a smaller venue intensifies its presence.

We like to push the boundaries of design and we are always designing new
installations, one of the newest creations is the Traveller. This new inflatable is inspired by a UFO spaceship creates an intergallactic interior structure which has already been used at Pangaea. Another structure which adds a futuristic feel to a venue is the Silver Blaze, its shape is inspired by a burning flame and has been given a metallic finish. The Silver Blaze was featured in the decor at Kendall Calling last year.

The way we use inflatable art has developed a lot and seems to continue to expand.

At Visual Architects we are becoming involved in more and more creatively challenging projects continuing the expansion of our inflatable collection. If you have a vision that you would like to bring to life, simply get in touch and we can make it happen!