The design process is the first stage of the development of your theme, in which you are fundamentally involved every step of the way. This is where our team of experts construct a range of concepts which show each direction your experience can take, which you can choose from to set into development. After a concept is selected, we build 3D models and sketches which let you see your design before it goes into production. At this stage, you can make changes and additions to adapt the theme into your vision.


Virtual reality models can be viewed for a clear perspective on scale and spatial accessibility, which let you truly experience the design and the atmosphere it creates in your space. VR provides an excellent platform for problem solving, and understanding where issues of a spatial or user movement nature may arise, which may not be as clear with standard design proposals. Designs can be switched within the same VR experience, which allows for a more direct comparison of concepts and the atmosphere of each setting. Features can no longer be misrepresented or misinterpreted, with the greatly superior communication presence of VR. Once you have confirmed the final framework, the designs are sent to the construction team, for either bespoke pieces to be created, or for ready-made decor to be assembled.